I am absolutely delighted with my hut which acts as an office in our back yard. I now have my own personal space, which Hut designed specifically for the site and which works wonderfully. Thank you Hut.

Sophie Chalk

Searching for a suitable home office in which to concentrate on legal work and interview clients I trawled through many sites before coming across HUT. I was immediately impressed by the quality of their designs, which seemed to be a match for much more expensive products. When I decided to place an order I found Paul Goldie, who runs the business, to be very helpful in assisting with the specification and then very efficient in constructing the office. As soon as it was finished I knew I'd made the right decision. The quality of construction and materials is excellent. The building is solid, airy and light and retains warmth with a minimum of heating in winter. No litigation required to produce an excellent result!

Andrew Maynard


Having a Hut has transformed my working life; I only wish I’d done this earlier. Having spent a year researching various garden office suppliers and toying with a loft conversion, I would wholeheartedly recommend Paul Goldie and his team. A Hut gives you an all-year office, away from the house, that’s built to high standards, without breaking the bank. Paul was very accommodating in modifying a standard design for my needs and answering my many questions, and the installation took less than a week to complete, leaving me with a blank canvas to make my own.

Des Waddy-Smith

Moving my office out of the house and down to the end of the garden has been a great move, freeing up a room in the house, and giving me a space that is completely my own, away from the demands of family life. The Hut Garden Office is extremely well-made, warm and snug in the winter, bright and airy in the summer. I've had it for a year now, and I absolutely love it.