Garden Offices

Our attractive, high-quality, fully-insulated Garden Offices and Studios, are designed to be used throughout the year.Warm in winter and cool in summer, they provide a comfortable and secure working/living space at the bottom of your garden, and can be yours fully-constructed for as little as just £4,995.

"A really inspiring place for work ...... Many thanks again for building us a dream workspace"  Sinead Poxon, North London

Call Paul Goldie on 07831 871 537 for further details.





  • Garden Offices are built to order to match your exact requirements
  • Constructed using timber from certified sustainable sources
  • Pressure-treated external timbers and cladding for long trouble-free life
  • Fully-insulated on all sides using Sheep's Wool insulation
  • Housing-quality double-glazed doors and windows with multi-point locks
  • Planning permission is not usually required for Garden Offices or Studios
  • All work and materials guaranteed.